Hotel Management System

Hotel / Restaurant Management

Extract is a pioneer cloud-based point of sale (POS) software to provide comprehensive suite of restaurant billing and management solutions. Unlike traditional POS, our POS software is designed with a wide range of tools to help your business grow and outgrow competition. State of the art technology, cost-effective and flexible pricing benefits, offline support, round-the-clock tech support, on-demand add-ons, in-depth and real-time reports are just a few of benefits to mention.

Extract being an online application does not require specific hardware or software requirements to run. You can use it on desktop, notebook or tablet, irrespective of any platform of operating system it has. But, you won’t need to halt operation during outage or no internet connection. Our cloud POS still runs even when there is no internet connection or no power supply – because our POS runs offline too. And there are much more ways you can improve your menu, food, delivery, customer relations and increase profits using Extract – try us NOW! Call us to ask for a free demo and discover more scopes to thrive your business from today.

  • Cloud Based - Extract works in a browser and no installation is required at the food outlet. All your data is on the cloud.
  • Works Online and Offline - A hybrid solution that works in both offline and online mode. The billing does not stop even when the Internet goes off.
  • Supports aLL Hardware - Extract is capable of working on all hardware of all configurations. You can use a Mac, tablet, mobile or laptop to run your software.
  • Data Security - Being on cloud all your data is secure. You never lose data.
  • Easy to USe - Extract has an easy to use interface and absolutely no training is required for your staff to start the billing at the outlet.
  • 100% uptime guaranteed - Cloud says 99.99% uptime, we say we do work offline. Extract guarantees that your billing will never stop even if internet goes down or hardware crashes.
  • Theft Control - Keep a track of what gets billed and what not. All voids & offers are permission based and a complete history is maintained of what goes inside the software.